S2: EP 11- Tis the Season..."To Set Goals"

24 minutes

What is holding you back from setting goals? What goals are you having trouble with closing out this year? Have you started setting your goals for the new year coming in? In this episode, Ms. Chrissie encourages her audience that is not too late to close out this year with a final goal and its not too early to start planning your goals for the new year with steps to accomplish them. She differentiates the difference between setting spiritual goals and personal goals but with the same similarity that they both need to be relevant and beneficial to you, your family, future family, must fit your lifestyle, and be time-bounded. She encourages her audience to make realistic goals that are attainable instead of impossible like "catching a cloud as a pillow"... Not a real or possible goal. Last but not least she breaks down the steps of deciding, writing them down, praying over them, thinking them into existence, and speaking them into existence. In closing, she encourages you that all prayers or words of encouragement from others are good but there's nothing more powerful than you speaking over and encouraging yourself that can bring the best manifestations by the power of your own tongue.


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Start listening to A FISTFULL(TRAILER) Welcome aboard my "SPIRITUAL FLIGHT" journey!
Start listening to A FISTFULL(TRAILER) Welcome aboard my "SPIRITUAL FLIGHT" journey!