S3: EP 8 - Press or FOLD...??

24 minutes

In an unexpected situation, do you press fwd or fold under the influence of pressure at that exact moment? In this episode, Ms. Chrissie shares 6 inspirational reasons why NOT to fold in the middle of your storm, trying time, or at your lowest point! She also explains why being vulnerable with our savior is not a sign of weakness but instead the first step in trusting him. She encourages her audience to know when you press fwd and don't fold, your lessons learned, decisions to change or change things along the way, will not be done in vain. All changes you make to be better along the way and the lessons you learned in the midst of your hard times do not go unrecognized! She also shed light on reasons to share your story or testimony when you feel alone because not only you go through but others do as well, but not everyone will know they can get through or feel confident in getting through because it is natural as humans to feel alone or the only one suffering but in reality, we all go through even though we get through differently, or even go through for different reasons we still GO THROUGH!! So you never know whom you will inspire and encourage when you share your story about getting through! P.s. in her closing message of "folding does not mean you've fallen", she encourages you to never try to do everything on your own WITHOUT your armor, for that is the most vulnerable time to get caught UNCOVERED by the enemy or the devil, SO stay COVERED, trust him, know that you are NOT alone, & stop trying to fix everything on your own!


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