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In this season finale of season 4 we are talking about the last but not least #BLACKEXCELLENCE guest aka your host that reveals the most, Ms. Chrissie Christ! Due to numerous questions about my name "Christ" and pen name "Chrissie", I am closing this season out by answering your questions and highlighting some things on "Transformative faith", the branding of A Fistfull of Prayers, and the name for my podcast. In this episode, she informs you that "spiritually" you are allowed to have expectations on what you want to see changed about your journey or yourself when going through your journey. Some of the questions she answered were in relations to the following inspiration:

* Where did her podcasting journey start and derive from?

* Why is Chrissie your pen name?

* Why is Christ the chosen last name?

* What does A Fistfull of Prayers specialize in and where did it start?

She also shares with you more information on her upcoming 2021 projects and TV show with Daily Gospel Network! She encourages her audience that by having "transformative faith" you are not what your current situation confines you to be at that moment. She encourages you to know that no matter where you are in life, what you have currently, or what you going through does not mean you are NOT where God needs you to be to transform you! Believe that your transformation will and shall be done no matter what others may think is impossible, or what you are going through! Remember it is a shifting that everyone deserves and a deliverance that is worthy of!

In conclusion, she encourages you to know that if you give in to your current situation, it becomes a distraction, and once you are distracted, you lose focus on what God is trying to do with you and the direction he is trying to take you! 

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