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*****I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHTS TO SONG PLAYED IN THIS EPISODE******** In this episode, Ms. Chrissie sheds light on the unspoken "Black difference", the "All around difference", and the "BIG" difference in the world today. These top three differences are essential to society's discrimination in this country that is considered "Normal" in some unkind hearts and blind-eyed people's perspective. Ms. Chrissie acknowledges the struggles we see, the ones we can't change, and the changes the B.L.M movement and advocacy made during the pandemic that brought us together as a "UNITED FRONT"!
Some of the differences are included in the following areas of our US and are being treated as a "normal" and ongoing issue that is highly overlooked and looked down upon based on color, gender, race, belief, or as a whole. 
There is a difference in :
* Living in the U.S. itself (no matter your race, or gender)
* Being an American Citizen
* Education system
* Job related
& also 
* Religion
Ms. Chrissie breaks down all the differences and why they all should be changed, acknowledged, and openly discussed for further changes to break Millenial barriers as a whole for the US, instead of only coming together when it is centered around an innocent death.


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