S5: EP 5- P.U.S.H (Your UNTIL)

19 minutes

In this episode we are back with your host that reveals the most "Sister Chrissie Christ". Thank you for tuning to my original "FISTFULL WARRIORS", & welcome ALL my first time listeners and thank you for tuning in with me. In this episode Ms. Chrissie distinguish between the definition meaning of the acronym word for the letter U in PUSH, UNTIL and also breaks down the biblical perspective meaning of UNTIL. She reads an inspiration message, words of affirmation, & encouragement from her new book, "21 DAYS OF JUST YOU", @ https://www.amazon.com/CHRISSIE-ANDERSON/e/B07T771X2L/ published 05 Feb 2021 on AMAZON.COM from Day 17 on pages 69-72 of the hardcopy. "Until indicates when something WILL happen, begin, or even end. As we all know from reading the bible, there were a lot of TILL instances throughout the books beginning with Genesis. In other words, this is your preparation stage/time. Preparation means to get ready for a project, and YOU are that particular project God is about to prepare. So UNTIL you have heard from God, get prepared, stay prepared, & never stop working on YOU! Please use link above to purchase your copy or feel free to send media social media message to purchase hard copy.


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