S5: EP 7- P.U.S.H ( Something will BREAK)

34 minutes

In this episode, Ms. Chrissie continues with the PUSH acronym and elaborates on the meaning of the "S" in PUSH. She reads from day 18 of her new book "21 Days of just YOU" pages 77-79 in the hardcopy which can be purchased by sending her a message on any social media platform or amazon.com for the ebook. In this episode from her book, she reads that "when going through and standing strong throughout these days of adding prayer back into your life spiritual warfare WILL or if it has not ALREADY taken place, to know that SOMETHING WILL break!! Whether it be inside of you, around you, or about you, " SOMETHING HAS AND WILL BREAK" simply because you are ridding the old you! She encourages you to know that God is about to use you for something he needs to reveal and show only you to get a message out. He is about to use you in a way people are not going to believe all because of them being focused on the old you still. She encourages you to know that "being strong is to endure". Being endurable measures your strengthening ability when it is time to be strong. This episode is also followed by a Q&A from the audience with her answering questions from the audience LIVE.


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Start listening to A FISTFULL(TRAILER) Welcome aboard my "SPIRITUAL FLIGHT" journey!
Start listening to A FISTFULL(TRAILER) Welcome aboard my "SPIRITUAL FLIGHT" journey!